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Positive Self Development was founded in October 2008 by Stephen Williamson.

Self development  is defined as:

Taking steps to better yourself, such as by learning new skills or overcoming bad habits.

Positive Self Development is a resource center for self development which encourages you to learn new skills. The main areas that are featured are:

  • Productivity and success  – Learn how to be more productive and get things done. Find out what it takes to be more successful.
  • Develop new skills – Learn new skills such as programming, video making and creative thinking. Learn things just for the fun of learning.
  • Mental Skills – Learn mindfulness and other skills to make you happier and experiences less stress in your life.

New resources and articles are added on a regular basis, so keep coming back to the site to find out what’s new.

Sign up to be part of Positive Self Development by adding your details to the form on the right. You can then access free resources such as books and software. You will also be alerted when new content is added and receive discount vouchers for products.

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