Review of Creatively Ever After

Creativity is one of those words we associate with activities such as art, music, drama, dance, craft and the like.

What is not always recognised is how important creativity is in the process of  problem solving. No matter how great your life is there will always be problems. If you are a manager or leader at work then a large portion of your time will be spent dealing with problems that arise. Some problems will be simple and easy to deal with. For more complex or difficult problems  creative thinking is required.

Alicia Arnold is a certified facilitator of the Osborn-Parnes Creative Problem Solving Process (CPS). She has written a book titled “Creatively Ever After” which details this approach to problem solving.

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Creatively Ever After

Creatively Ever After

Creatively Ever After.

A guest article by Alicia Arnold.

My interest in creativity developed at a young age, though I didn’t know it was called “creativity” back then. When I was 9 years old, a teacher explained there was no such thing as a one-legged stool. Being a curious youngster with a strong imagination, I raised my hand and shared, there was indeed, such a thing as a one-legged stool (picture a flared leg). My feedback was met with disdain. Although I would have hoped an elementary school teacher would have encouraged out-of-the-box thinking, this was not the case. This initiated my behavior of holding back and filtering my ideas. After all, ideas seemed to get me into trouble. [Read more…]

How Do You Get It All Done?


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The mind is disorganised and that’s just the way it works. Brains are not designed to create order in your life. They need some help.

How many of these statements apply to you?

  • You think about something that needs doing, then forgot about it a few minutes later.
  • You put small objects down in the house such as car keys or glasses and cannot find them a few hours later
  • You are introduced to someone and then forget what their name is
  • You say yes to lots of things and find that the day is too short to do them all
  • You are working on your computer and find that you have been surfing the Internet aimlessly for the last two hours
  • You find that you cannot get enough done and find yourself working long hours

If one or more of these statements describes you then you need help in organising your life.

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Confidence Building Techniques to Get a New Job


If you are unemployed you need confidence building techniques to help you land a new job.

Today thousands of contract workers at oil and gas plants in England and Wales are staging unofficial strikes in protest over the use of foreign labour. During times of recession workers feel very insecure about losing their jobs. The use of immigrant workers is seen as a threat to employment.No matter what side of this situation you are on:

  • the workers who feel threatened by immigrant workers
  • the management who defend the use of foreign workers

– the situation highlights the lack of job security that people feel.

What if you have lost your job recently?

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Does the law of attraction work?

The Attraction

The Attraction (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been reading stuff about the Law of Attraction lately.  The simple version of the law of attraction is: [Read more…]