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English: “Running with the seagulls”, Galveston, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Positive Psychology shows you the route to take in order to become happy.  Although few people count the cost of becoming happy in monetary terms, it is useful to ask the question:  How can being happy save me money?

Happy people are less likely to divorce. The average cost of ending a marriage through the British courts is about £13,000 per divorce.  So, for a start happiness can save you £13,000.

Happy people are less stressed. Stress is the most likely reason  for staying off work. If the stress is acute then you may actually lose your job and your salary through stress related illness. People off sick through stress also cost the health services a great deal of money.

Happy people do not become addicts. Most addictions such as drugs, alcohol, shopping and gambling cost a lot of money to maintain. By moderating your habits you are less likely to become addicted and enjoy the cost benefits of this.

Happy people are content within themselves. They do not always need to be stimulated by outside events. The result: less trips out, less nights at the pub, less spent on entertainment. You do not need to spend a lot of money to become happy. That designer dress that costs thousands of dollars may make you happy for a while, but it does not really contribute to your overall happiness.

Save money on therapy bills. Happy people don’t spend lots of money with a therapist to sort through their unhappiness.

Unhappy people at work generally do not get a raise. Who is the boss going to give the promotion to, the unhappy person who moans and whines all day, or you who are positive, motivated and serve the customers with a smile?

Though it is not recommend that you learn how to be happy purely for financial gain, it is interesting to examine how much money you save from being in a happy positive state.

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