Can a Positive Attitude Get You Back to Work?

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As more and more firms are closing down in this recession, many find themselves out of a job. This is when a positive attitude makes all the difference.

I used to work in a hotel and also lived there in the staff quarters, so when I was made redundant I was both out of work and homeless which was quite traumatic. This happened on the day before I was due to go on holiday to India.

What I found is that a positive attitude really helped me. I looked at my situation in a positive way.  The first thing I did was extend my holiday from a month to three months. This resulted in my being able to go on a trip to meet the Dalai Lama which is one of my most treasured memories. This certainly would not have happened if I had stuck to my original plan to stay for 4 weeks.

My stay also allowed me to reflect on my life and look at the future as a fresh start, a new beginning.

If you have lost your job recently, you may not have the opportunity to go away for 3 months like me but there are several advantages to having a positive attitude which can help you get a new job.

These are some of the advantages that people with a positive attitude have when looking for a job:

  • They tend to network more and may hear of job opportunities as a result.
  • They spend more time searching through job listings
  • A positive attitude can make all the difference in a job interview
  • They don’t give up easily and this perseverance helps achieve their goals

So how do you get to be more positive. Here are some tips:

  • Surround yourself with positive people. Positivity is contagious.
  • Identify things in your life that you are grateful for. This will help your overall positivity.
  • Try to catch yourself becoming negative, then distract yourself. Call a friend for a positive chat, watch some mindless TV. Resume your job searching when you feel in a better mood.
  • Laugh a lot. Watch a comedy film or play with a child.

Although losing your job can be traumatic, there are ways to have a positive attitude that will help you in your search for a new job.

If you are suffereing from stress as a result of losing your job then download my free book “How to Manage Stress.”

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