Confidence Building Techniques to Get a New Job


If you are unemployed you need confidence building techniques to help you land a new job.

Today thousands of contract workers at oil and gas plants in England and Wales are staging unofficial strikes in protest over the use of foreign labour. During times of recession workers feel very insecure about losing their jobs. The use of immigrant workers is seen as a threat to employment.No matter what side of this situation you are on:

  • the workers who feel threatened by immigrant workers
  • the management who defend the use of foreign workers

– the situation highlights the lack of job security that people feel.

What if you have lost your job recently?

Losing your job can severely affect your self esteem. You may have applied for lots of jobs and not got anywhere and feel de-moralised.

What can you do to build your confidence? Here are some suggestions:

  • Realise that you are responsible for your own happiness. Feeling frustrated or bitter is a choice.
  • Reward your successes – no mater how small. In your job search there will be some successes. You will get offered some interviews. You may be shortlisted for a job. You may be told that there are no jobs vacancies at a company but you will be considered when one comes up. Although these success do not lead to a job, it is still important to celebrate them and reward yourself with a drink, an outing, a dinner with a loved one.
  • Form a job search group – If you know other people who are job seeking, then why not form a group? Choose positive people and together you can boost confidence.
  • Get out – Instead of sitting on the couch, get out to the job centre or employment agency. Go to the library and look in all the newspapers and magazines for jobs.
  • Do enjoyable things – Take a break from job searching to do things that you love doing. Paint, learn an instrument, take the family out for a day in the countryside. Read that book you always meant to read.
  • Volunteer – You can get great satisfaction from volunteer work. This could be in your local charity shop or hospital. Record youyr volunteering on your CV. It could make the vital difference in helping you get a job.


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